What is a Creative?


This modern term announces a new species of humans, though certainly it could apply to all beings who are thus inspired.  It is a noun and a verb, active and passive, most of all it is an orientation to mimic the creative energy of life on planet earth.  I was once told by a friend that they mustn’t hold still around me or I’d be likely to drape them in something, or alter them in some way I found pleasing.

Maybe it’s my Gemini nature or any number of aberrations of nature, but I will not be confined to one form of expression.  A creative is a dilittante; exploring all modes of expression until some level of understanding is reached and then moving on.  The primary forms of expression; writing, photography, videography, painting, fashion, decorating and crafts are only means to an end– that end being something new.  Though I call myself a writer, photographer, painter, designer of fashion and home, I am only identified temporarily with those labels always returning to the umbrella which is creativity itself.


Here are a few video shorts




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