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I’d love to hear from you so please do contact me with thoughts, feelings, and general feedback about this site and my work.



1964, my first son was born, 1965 my second son was born.


My daughter was born.

Studied meditation and philosophy with a Sihk Guru.
Completed a master’s degree in counseling psychology from Sonoma State University.
Entered therapy with a Gestalt therapist.
Studied comparative religion, Reichian and Gestalt therapy.
Studied landscape painting.

India 1979



bali 39


Created private practice as a counselor with emphasis on depth psychology and somatic healing.
Took courses in creative and travel writing. Took photography courses and set up my own darkroom.

Studied feminism with an emphasis on ancient matriarchal cultures.
Continued to study comparative religions plus mythology and fairy tales as they relate to the depth psychology and the unconscious.

Traveled to Greece, Nepal, India, Russia, Bali.


Nepal, 15000 feet, at the highest hotel in the world.


Integrated weekly groups and week-end workshops to private practice geared to depth psychology, spiritual growth, couples counseling, feminine development, dialogue, and creativity.

Entered Jungian analysis.

Created Photography shows: “Life in Blue & Green; images from the Yucatan, and Song of the NIghtingale; images from France.
Painted for joy.
Wrote and published, Time and Transformation, A novel of Mayan Mysticism, based on Mayan mythology and spirituality.

Traveled to India, Nepal, Yucatan, France, England, and Italy.

IG b&g7
Photo shoot Isla Mujeras



Continued private counseling practice. and workshops.
Published over 30 travel articles and photography for newspapers and magazines.

Traveled to Yucatan, Norway, Rome and Greece.

me 5 2009_edited-1
Home with Leo

Wrote and published, The Nobility of the Robe, an historical novel based on the real life story of an abbess in 17th century France.

Painting focused on ancient art and the effects of time.
Developed Memoir course.


Published, Echo the Ancients, an historical novel of Minoan culture on Crete 1550 B.C.E.. A revision of Time and Transformation; The Jaguar’s House, and a revision of The Nobility of the Robe.




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